All images purchased simply because I liked them, regardless of date or artist.
Dimensions are those of the actual image.


E. Grieg Hall : Thirlmere From The Dam : Watercolour : 1982 : 37cm × 27cm

One of many he created of the Lake District and North Wales.

E Grieg Hall : Thirlmeme From The Dam

J. H. de Berg : Winter Landscape : Oil on Wood Panel : 20'th century : 60cm × 49cm

After the style of Frederik Marinus Kruseman, this painting might have been created for a Christmas card, and is of a much higher quality than many such derivative images.

J. H. de Berg : Winter Landscape

John Foulger (1942 - 2007) : Loch Lomnond : Oil on Board : 1985 : 25cm × 20cm

A very private artist, this is typical of his often bleak and stormy landscapes.

John Foulger : Loch Lomnond

Joop Smits (1938 - 2014) : Mountain Lake : Oil on Board : 20'th century : 23cm × 17cm

A small but very detailed image from this now collectable artist.

Keith McMean : Packhorse Bridge : Watercolour : 20'th century : 29cm × 21cm

One of half a dozen images sold during his first 'one-man exhibition' in Whitehaven.

Keith McMean : Packhorse Bridge

Robert Ritchie (1934 - 2002) : Calby Beck Bridge, Duddon Valley, Cumbria : Oil on Board : 20'th century : 33cm × 22cm

Another painting of the Lake District, from this self-taught artist.

Robert Ritchie : Calby Beck Bridge

Seascapes & Coastal Scenes

Frank Hider (1861 - 1933) : On The North Devon Coast : Oil on Canvas : late 19'th - early 20'th century : 50cm × 29cm

A typical scene from this prolific artist, with his trademark strong greens and oranges, and lots of detail in the waves.

Frank Hider : On The North Devon Coast

Other Images

Laureuy(?) Pauchard : Fashion Drawing : Pencil & Chalk on Paper : 20'th - 21'st century : 24cm × 32cm

Purchased in May 2007 from one of the many Bouquinistes on the Quai de Montebello and Quai de la Tournelle in Paris, I have no idea if this is genuinely as old as the fashion it shows, or is a modern design based on older ideas; I assume the numerous staple holes would have held cloth samples in place.

Unknown : Woman In Blue Kimono : Oil on Board : early 21'st century : 39cm × 49cm

Similar to the paintings of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and John William Godward, this is technically perfect and probably from one of the studios that churn out reproductions of classical images, but even the gallery I purchased it from knew nothing of its origins.

Joseph Smedley (1922 - ) : Pegasus : Gouache on Paper : 1940s : 36cm × 42cm

A stunning Art Deco design whose brilliant yellows seem almost luminous.

Joseph Smedley : Pegasus

Atelier De La Martinerie : The Angel Of The Moon : Silk on Wood : Sep 1997 : 27cm × 40cm

A whimsical design that might be a Venetian tarot card, this comes with a custom gilt frame and ornate labelling on the rear.

Atelier De La Martinerie : The Angel Of The Moon